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Car Dealer Simulator Apk Lastest Version 2021**


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Buy, repair and sell cars, to buy a sport car of your dreams.
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Car Dealer Simulator Apk

In our game, you start out on the lowest rung of a car dealer’s career with a small initial capital and unlimited capabilities at your disposal. You can buy damaged cars, repair them, and sell them for profit or simply scout around for the most attractive offers on the marketplace in the hope of finding a car in perfect condition.


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As you play the game, you start gaining experience, and your business is growing rapidly. You can afford to buy more expensive cars. You learn how to diagnose mechanical problems and fix them cheaply.

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4 comments on "Car Dealer Simulator Apk Lastest Version 2021**"

  1. Geddy Diolola says:

    This game is like a scam! after buying all the repair upgrades and maxing it out with “REAL MONEY”, it does not guarantee that you can fix anything on your own..its only like 40% chance to repair the damage…whats the point of maxing out all those skills? and one point is you will run out of money no matter what and you will be bankcupted…your only option after that is to stop playing or pay real money to get cash

  2. lucrycrys says:

    The game ideea is great but game progression is awful. Repair costs a lot and once you run out of money(which you will) and the car is not fully repaired you can’t sell it as it is and is game over except if you buy coins with real money

  3. Luis Colon says:

    Good concept but you get stuck really fast. Everything is behind the pay ($) wall

  4. Nick Hughes says:

    Terrible translation and the game is just broken in too many spots for me to include in this. If you make a game at least play it yourself or its gonna be terrible because you dont know whats wrong with it

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