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Google Fi Apk Lastest Version 2021**

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Google Fi — Manage your Google Fi account and get support 24/7.
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Google Fi Apk

Google Fi is a different kind of phone plan with simpler pricing and smarter coverage. Pay only for the data you use or go unlimited. You can set up Fi from the comfort of your home, without activation fees or contracts.

All plans come with great coverage, privacy and security features, and family features.

Google Fi Apk
Google Fi Apk

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Stay safe with privacy and security features included:
• Built-in VPN keeps your online connection private and protects you from hackers
• Spam blocking stops unwanted calls from robocallers and scammers

Keep your family safer and build healthy digital habits with family features included:
• If your child has an Android phone, only allow trusted contacts to call and text them
• Create data budgets to decide how much data your child can use before it’s slowed down

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You can use this app to:
• Activate your service
• Add people to your plan
• Switch plans
• Check your data usage
• Get in touch with support 24/7

Note: You’ll need to sign up for Google Fi at before you can use the app. Fi is only available to U.S. residents, and isn’t intended for extended international use.

What's new

Meet Simply Unlimited, our most affordable plan for unlimited data, calls & texts. It includes all the essentials and starts at $30/mo per line for three or more lines.


4 comments on "Google Fi Apk Lastest Version 2021**"

  1. Dave Haas says:

    They have a glitch that ends up charging you way over your usage. I was charged 3.78gb at $10/gb upon activation (should be 0 at start). Now after 3 weeks I’m still just rotated around an endless loop of customer service. Every 3-4 days an automated bot email about my case “working with our concerned team regarding the case, once we recieve an update, we’ll send a follow-up email.” This is by far horrible customer service & experience, please take my advice and stick with other major carriers.

  2. Lois Glover says:

    I always have slow data. I waste more data trying to get the data to work. My plan, when I signed up was unlimited data up to 30 gigs…well, it has always been slow, and now they do this lovely thing where they throttle the extremely slow data to basically no data at 22 gigs. I never have cellphone service that is above the LTE…no 3g or 4g…just plain old LTE. I purchased my Pixel phone brand new, specifically for to get the full FI experience. It expensively sucks

  3. Troy Melander says:

    My pixel 4a is on wifi and I work from home; In data science. This phone and plan always seems to have random massive spikes in data usage that I never had on my Samsung Galaxy when it was on wifi mode. Super disappointed in Google and Google Fi. Seems like this is meant to collect a bit extra off the top but gets you in on $10/GB making you think you’ll be able to keep your monthly cost low on wifi. Not the case don’t buy in. Google fix wifi mode, personally im out with other feature losses.

  4. aidannilsen says:

    Been a Fi user since early 21′, have to say, I really enjoy the service, there are a few dead spots in my city but overall it’s a very solid service, it works extremely well with the Google One/Fi VPN and all other Google services, if I had to recommend this to anyone, it’d be for the avid Google enthusiast or tech enthusiast looking for a solid alternative to the main 3 players in the US. Overall, 8.5 / 10, just needs some work with the dead spots and it’s almost perfect.

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