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Dolphin Emulator Apk Lastest Version 2021**


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The Dolphin GameCube and Wii emulator, for mobiles!
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Dolphin Emulator Apk

The official Dolphin Emulator beta version, updated every month with the latest improvements to our software.

THIS APP DOES NOT COME WITH GAMES. You must own and acquire your own games to use them with Dolphin.

Dolphin Emulator Apk

dolphin emulator apk mod,

Visit our website at and receive support in our forums!

This app is licensed by the GNU GPL v2+, and the full source code is available through the public Git repository at


4 comments on "Dolphin Emulator Apk Lastest Version 2021**"

  1. Sword of Evil's Bane says:

    Runs excellently with high end phones. I used to have an A70 and the games were playable, but only just. Now I have a Note20 Ultra 5G, and all my games run perfectly well without fail and any slowdowns. This is a strong emulator, anyway. As long as you have a high end device, this app will have no issues whatsoever. If you are a serious Gamecube and Wii player, buy a strong and powerful phone aling with this emulator. It’s well worth the price.

  2. Kameron Epperson says:

    This app is truly amazing, I’m happy they put so much effort into this app. There is only one downfall I’ve found. If you are playing on a mobile phone, it will not work with controllers making it almost impossible to play most games

  3. Brandon Robertson says:

    Love this emulator. Currently playing lord of the rings the third age for gamecube. Only problem is I can’t get it to play the second disk when it asks me to change disks.

  4. Boogely Moogely says:

    It’s great. It works with most games, and it’s free and open-source. I use it on PC as well, and I’ve really few to no complaints. Absolutely love Dolphin, and I absolutely recommend it to anyone with an at least moderately powerful phone, though do note that some games need a lot of power to be emulated, so don’t expect perfect results with everything unless you have a Snapdragon 865 or better.

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