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Furniture Store Manager – My Deco Shop Furniture Store Apk Lastest Version 2021**


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Run a deco store and have the best luxury furnitures of town.
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Furniture Store Manager – My Deco Shop Furniture Store Apk

The new idle journey is beginning!!! Your deco store is waiting for you BOSS!Run a deco store and have the best luxury furnitures of town.Furniture Store Manager – My Deco Shop Furniture Store Apk
Idle Furniture Store is a 3D idle game which simulates to own a deco store. You are the BOSS!! So, it’s your job to provide the best service to your customers.
We know dealing with customers and their never ending needs can be hard but this is the reason for you to play. We believe there is no one out there to handle this better than you.Furniture Store Manager – My Deco Shop Furniture Store Apk
Come on BOSS the adventure is waiting for you Furniture Store Manager – My Deco Shop Furniture Store Apk…..❤️

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You will start from the zero but you will make it a tycoon. Every decision you make will affect the future of your store. You are in charge, this is your company, all decisions are up to you!!!
How far can you make it go from a sofa? You will be given all the statistics of your store and the ability to improve anything.You need to make good choice about where to spend your money.

We know customers are… kind of… GRUMPY🔥… They always grumble about even the tiniest things that they don’t like. But the motto here is the customer is always right. So, you need to take care of all of their complaints and fix them.

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If you don’t take care of it, customers tend to leave the store without shopping. It affects the amount of money you make. So take the control in your hands and improve your departments, add new departments when you have money, manage your employees,
follow statistics, add variety of furniture to attract more customers, advertise, build a new car park and make a fortune from this store.

Your store must have all the furniture that people needs at their houses. At the beginning, you will only have a sofa the sell and a bad restaurant to serve. But if you make the right decisions, soon you will run a deco store empire.
By upgrading your departments, you will have more luxury items for your customers to buy and more space to show your products.Do not forget to hire new manager to help the customers to choose and train them about their speed when you have enough money. Because customers hate waiting!!

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You have also a restaurant. It aims to keep customers longer in your store and make them spend much more money. So, keep in mind , customers tend to spend more money if they eat delicious food. The restaurant runs so slow and serves limited kind of food at the beginning. You should keep an eye on the restaurant and upgrade it whenever you need.
You should provide enough tables for them to sit and eat, otherwise you will face so many complaints about your service.

The customers usually come to your deco store by their cars.Because they need to carry the products they buy. So, the car park is one of the most important feature for them. Always upgrade your car park for your customers and build new ones to expand your capacity. Your new park lots can be empty at first but if you keep advertising you will attract more customers to your shop.
You also have quests to complete. When you complete a quest you get free crystals. With crystals, you can make permanent upgrades. Permanent upgrades improve every feature of your store. When you move to another space to open a deco shop permanent upgrades are still effective.

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Let’s start your Idle Furniture Store Tycoon today. You will make tons of money and build an deco shop empire.

-Casual and entertaining gameplay
-Beautifully designed lots of levels (Many more is on the way)
-3D graphics
-Different strategies to improve your business
-Cloud save
-This game is in the beta process and we will keep improving it on every new update.

What's new

🔥 New packs added.
🔧Bugs fixed.


4 comments on "Furniture Store Manager – My Deco Shop Furniture Store Apk Lastest Version 2021**"

  1. se eun Yang says:

    The game is fun and all but, the prices in this game are expensive. I upgraded my cashier 21 times and got 19 seconds long each purchase. Now the price is over 1,000 dollars each upgarde. I would give a five if u guys could maybe upgarde this.

  2. Sharina Straughn says:

    So far so good. Just started playing it and I like the concept. The only downside is how expensive it is to hire one additional worker for certain departments. 1.6M for an extra employee in furniture is a little excessive

  3. Sarah Brunt says:

    Far too many adverts. There needs to be option to go ad free. When you want to double cash there needs to be an option for more than 5 minutes

  4. Lets Music says:

    Its really fun and I enjoy it very much but alot of the stuff is way too expensive but overall a really good game.

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