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Sidebar Lite Apk


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Sidebar - A brilliant new way of multitasking on Android.
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Sidebar Lite Apk

[2019] Try the new Sidebar 2, this is the old version!

Sidebar Lite – A brilliant new way to multitask on Android

“Minimalistic, non-intrusive, and very functional” – XDA Developer TV

“The greatest discovery you will make” – Android Authority

It’s fast, functional, fluid, and customizable to your liking. Populate the sidebar with your favorite apps, and simply swipe in from the edge of the screen to gain instant access to the apps you use most. Simple – yet elegant.


Sidebar Lite Apk
Sidebar Lite Apk

sidebar lite app,

– Pin apps & toggles to the Sidebar (Limited to 8 total)
– Live running apps and running indicators (Pro)
– Task management allows killing running apps (swipe running apps out to kill them) (Pro)
– Customized colors, opacity, sizes, and positions (Pro)
– Starts on boot
– Minimal RAM fingerprint and affect on battery life
– Ongoing notification can be disabled(4.1+) / made invisible (Pro)
– Many widgets to choose from (Home, App Drawer, Wi-Fi, Mobile Data, Bluetooth, GPS, Sound, Rotation, Brightness, Torch, Play/Pause/Skip music)

sidebar literature,

Sidebar Pro
Sidebar Pro lifts the limitations put on the lite version and opens access to new customizability as well as functionality – elevating sidebar, to its most impeccable and pure state.
Sidebar Pro offers the full set of features.

These include:
– Unlimited items!
– Right side swipe!
– Live Running apps!
– Live Running indicators!
– Task Management!
– Lock items!
– Custom icons!
– Full settings!
– Adjust width!
– Adjust opacity!
– Choose color scheme!
– Disable notification! (Hidden by default on rooted devices)

sidebar literary device,

Sidebar is in constant development. Development began as soon as the idea stemmed well before the debut of Ubuntu Phone and recent such apps. The developer ensures a smooth and polished experience. User experience & simplicity are key tp making Sidebar the perfect multitasking app for Android. Follow the development on XDA:

– Sidebar won Best Application at CodeDay Seattle hosted by StudentRND.
– Sidebar was showcased on the front page of XDA as well as on XDA TV
– Sidebar was also the best among Android Authority’s Top 7 Apps of the week
– Sidebar was reviewed by AddictiveTips
– Sidebar was reviewed by LifeHacker
– Sidebar won the showdown with a competitor on XDA TV!

sidebar literature definition,

The Notification
It prevents Android from killing Sidebar. Without it, sidebar could not run forever in the foreground and would eventually be closed.

Camera: The torch widget requires full access to the camera in order to function.
Network: The toggles for Wi-Fi and Mobile Network require network permissions

What's new

Update 4.4
- New tutorial
- Refreshed backend and UI


4 comments on "Sidebar Lite Apk"

  1. behzad eslami says:

    I like it very much.It is efficient and useful.It works better than edge panel of my galaxy s7 edge. because I can choose the position of the panel also the size or width of it.It can be used when the mobile is in plan position a property that edge panel has not. Thank you very much.I’d like to buy it with complete obtions but I can’t find that.

  2. Dennis Steffens says:

    Uninstalled it, app favors lefties by having swipe bar on left side of screen and you have to pay for it for it to be on the right side. Most of the world is right handed and if you have a large screen phone and can’t reach the part of the screen it’s on with one hand, then this app is useless.

  3. Dex Caliber says:

    I’ve only been messn with this app for about 15 min. And I have to say… GOOD JOB!!! NICE APP😃😃😃 why your rating is so low I just don’t understand it

  4. Ratan Mukhia says:

    Finally I found what I was looking for…simple ,user friendly and very useful…big thums up

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